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How to use this webpage

Directions on how to navigate this webpage:

First, all important and helpful resources such as the online textbook , the math teacher at home "Khan academy", and much more can be found in one place: under LINKS.

Second,all students would be assigned an online textbook users name and password to get help with notes, homework examples and more.
I encourage  all students to use Khan academy. This is a great website, one of the best resources to get the help needed when not at school.

Third,I post weekly assignments, homework and projects due dates on the calendar. If the calendar indicates textbook note taking and/or homework, then students need to log in their textbook and look for "to do list" after logging into the textbook.

Fourth: tutorials are imbedded in the daily schedule and after school.
My tutorial dates and time will be posted soon
NOTE: Students, if you need to ask a question about an assignment, stop by my room at anytime.
Transportation would be provided, more information will be posted soon.
Fifth: Math TSI prep is found under links, click the helpful website a drop down window will say TSI.  Students will be taking the math TSI exam both first and second semester of their sophomore year and at the end of the freshman year, so the soonest you start the better.
Dear parents, please make sure your son/daughter is doing homework, watching math videos, and studying daily. Homework and/or notes are giving every time we meet. It is very important that students work on math skills daily and come prepared to every class, the sooner a student starts good study habits, the sooner the positive results will be seen.

Thank you for visiting this webpage